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ABL-Help is THE asset based lending ineligible collateral reference for training, education and collateral definitions.  More in-depth than common and standard Asset Based Lending Ineligible accounts with diagnostics such as turnover, dilution, ratios and calculations.  This ABL software tool is a self-paced training guide for as-needed education in the asset based lending profession.

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FinSoft is recognized as the company that literally wrote the book (electronic software book) on Asset Based Lending Ineligible accounts receivable and inventory calculations with the release of ABL-Help in December of 1998.  This is still considered the most complete source for ineligibles, reserves, ratios and calculations available in the secured finance industry. Borrowing Base Certificate (BBC) ineligible collateral, terms and Turnover are explained and documented. 

ABL-Help is a single Windows-Based file designed as an expert level just-in-time training tool to ABL professionals, account officers, loan servicing operations department staff and field examiners / auditors.  Going far beyond standard Ineligible accounts and Borrowing Base descriptions, this is the master list with insightful descriptions and much more.  This stand-alone program can be run on any PC or Windows-based network.

Asset Based Lending-Help is as-needed ABL education condensed; all a click away, constantly updated and free for the basic version.  When standard ABL definitions are not enough to keep your Borrowing Base ineligible collateral in check, there are versions that include additional ineligibles, more math formulas, more turnover, more trend diagnostics and fraud alerts.  Take a look around and compare the versions to meet your ABL monitoring needs.  Our expertise also shows why FinSoft's AssetReader and AssetArchive products shine for electronic ineligible calculations and fraud reduction for both Audit and Operations.


How much information in Asset Based Lending Help?  Over 160+ contiguous pages, 191+ detailed borrowing base ineligible explanations for accounts receivable, inventory and reserves, with a huge glossary of terms (over 770+) covering Asset Based Lending (ABL), Commercial Finance, Secured Finance, Accounting and Auditing.  The file includes 1,925+ cross-reference hyperlinks to get to related topics fast.  Featuring fishbone diagrams to explain changes in trends, turnover and dilution (Pro version), audit testing areas and ABL mathematics.  Used by Operations, Account Officers and Field Examiners around the world as THE industry guide for trend and turnover diagnostics, glossary, math formula reference and more.    Condensed and at your fingertips ABL education and training reference materials.  We have a network of users that includes the largest lenders, many who deploy this to the entire department.  This is the #1 most installed software product in the industry.



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