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What Users of ABL-Help are Saying...

  • "More Ineligibles than I ever thought possible, this is a real eye opener"

  • At last, somebody put into writing the black art of ineligibles.  Your descriptions and math proofs for ineligibles are clear, clever and enlightening.  THANK YOU!

  • "If you add any more ineligible items, then we won't be able to lend on anything... Seriously this is well done and a must have tool"

  • "So easy to use, but my head hurts from picking up so many new terms and ineligible explanations"

  • "I heard that you were the source of THE LIST, but this list of ineligibles is just huge and the explanations are great.  Thanks!"

  • "When you had 100 ineligibles it was unique, but with about 150 now, it's WOW!"

  • "I heard a lot of good things about this and I must say that it is quite useful for our operations, audit and officers to understand ABL concepts"

  • "I had this at my last job and it helped the loan processing and audit staff.  Can I get the latest copy?"

  • "It's about time that someone did this, and you did it well"

  • "Awesome and professional"

  • "Readable, understandable and with clear explanations... a masterpiece"

  • "Beautiful"

  • "We installed it on the server for all officers, it's invaluable"

  • "I expected professional from you [Joe], this is a gem"

  • "Thanks for the latest update, it just keeps getting better and I can't believe it's free"

  • "After 20 years of ABL, I still learned something from this... extremely well done"

  • "A touch of ABL for Dummies, but with a learn as you need to interface"

  • "WOW"

  • "Just in time learning comes to ABL... Brilliant"

  • "Stellar"

  • "Excellent"

  • "I can't believe this is free"

  • "Simple, friendly and useful for everyone in our department"

  • "Just what we were looking for"

  • "Thank you"

  • "I just used the glossary to lookup something that was being talked about and the explanation was indeed in ABL-Help.  Funny how all of this stuff is in there."

  • "We upgraded to the ABL-Help Classic version, well worth it!"

  • "I just used the formula section to modify a turnover formula for intercompany activity and it let me show the data in a way that I could then discuss at credit committee.  I keep on using this over and over."

  • We use this for every employee in the department, but from a training standpoint, our new hires in the back-office and audit get up to speed faster.  Employee awareness is critical and this helps us to cover the bases." 

  • "I've taken other workshops, but this one [Intermediate ABL Audit from ABLTrain.com] is the most organized and well taught that I have ever taken.  The ABL-Help reference is a great tool to have because I can lookup industry terms, ineligibles and turnover concepts with ease.  No hype here, this is a must have tool."

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