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ABL-Help Pro menu items are noted in the flyovers below:

General Interface Pictured Above:

  • Index - Navigation index of all core topics in ABL-Help

  • Glossary - Over 750+ Definitions

  • B-Base - General Borrowing Base procedures, examples and forms

  • Ineligibles - Descriptions for over 189+ items and clear explanations of why they are ineligible
    (Pro and Classic versions have more)

  • Formulas - Turnover calculations inclusive of modified methods (Pro version has more)

  • Computers - Getting connected on the road, backups, security, keyboard shortcuts and Excel formulas

  • Audit - Reasons for tests with highlights of testing methods  (Pro version has more references)

  • Outsource - A large listing of ABL Field Examination firms in North America

  • Alerts - Fraud alert warning signs (Pro version only)

  • Fishbone Diagrams that show the driving forces for:
      - Fast and Slow turnover diagnostics for AR, Inventory and AP
      - Changes in Trends for AR, Inventory and AP (Pro and Classic version)
      - Changes in AR Dilution  (Pro version)

  • Help - Standard help data and About screen



   Windows users can link to this file from the desktop with a single icon.  THIS PROGRAM IS NOT FOR APPLE DEVICES.

   The file runs on all modern Windows platforms (2000, XP,  Vista, Win-7, Win-8, Win-10).

   There is nothing else to installed on your computer, making ABL-Help fast, efficient and unobtrusive.

   Designed to be updated and enhanced from input generated by people like you.


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